Minerya M. Aquino

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I love children.  Being a grade school back home inspires me to be a child care provider cause I know how to deal and understand the behavior of each child.  I call parents in the development of their child’s social, emotional + physical well being.  It’s so rewarding when you see them apply what they learned they develop sense of responsibility, self-control + skills for interacting with others.

My child care mission is to promote the well being of each child under my care.  I do pre-school activities, such as reading + writing the alphabets + numbers, arts, songs, rhymes + reading books are included.  Feed them hot meals; breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.  I do potty train too.  Each of them are treated with Tender Loving Care.  The results of these, I get referrals thru Word of Mouth.

Minerya M. Aquino
Eva’s Day Care
(415) 285-4113