Qeanna Lee

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I believe we as providers set the path to these young minds and body(ies).  We are the comfort place “home away from home” for these working parents.  I provide a happy, healthy and safe environment.  Where parents and their children feel safe emotionally, mentally + physically.  I am a parent as well, so I try to provide the environment that I would like for my child to be in 5 days a week and 8-10 hours of their day.  I also know how important continuity is for young children. It builds up their confidence, trust, intellectual ability.

I’ve been serving the Bay Area OMI district to Pennisula families for 28 years. I operate a bilingual childcare/preschool.  I prepare children for kindergarten.  So children feel comfortable and confident, entering the next chapter of their education.  We provide a healthy, happy + safe environment we believe everything rides behind health.  A healthy child is a happy child.

Qeanna Lee
Little Treasures Family Child Care
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